Our Impact

Impact Overview 2021/2022

  • Community Engagement and Giving

    $1.2M in product and $120,000 financial support donated

    15,000+ DivaCups donated

    Over 90 community organizations served

  • Education and Advocacy

    58 free screenings of Diva’s documentary, Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation

    $25,000 in funding for emerging BIPOC wellness creators

  • Sustainability

    3.6 million tampons diverted from landfill through DivaCup donations

    Over 1,000 DivaCups recycled with TerraCycle

  • Operations

    Recertified as a B Corp earning a score of 160 (26 points higher than the average B-Corp)

    1 supplier standards policy updated to ensure ethical procurement

Our Four Impact Pillars

  • Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products

    We're committed to creating menstrual equity and believe that everyone should be able to menstruate comfortably and safely. Through providing financial support and DivaCups to organizations working directly with people in need of menstrual products, we're able to advance our commitment to menstrual equity.

  • Menstrual, Reproductive and Sexual Health Care

    At Diva, we consider menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health care fundamental rights. We collaborate with organizations that offer inclusive sexual and reproductive health services and education that are rooted in an intersectional approach.

  • Gender Equity, Empowerment and Liberation

    We believe in your freedom. Menstruation is a human experience, not a gendered one. We seek out organizations that invest in the empowerment of BIPOC, women and gender-diverse people.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    As a B Corp and sustainable menstrual product company, we put people and the planet first. Through this pillar, we support organizations dedicated to protecting environmental resources.

Our Partners

At Diva, our impact work is centered at the intersections of climate crises, lack of accessibility to safe and sustainable products, and the destigmatization of a life-giving bodily process. Each of our partners is working hard to create change and we are proud to work with them.

  • Certified B Corp

    We are proud to be a company that makes a difference for our community.

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  • Recycle your Diva Products

    In partnership with global recycling leader, TerraCycle, Diva offers North America’s first menstrual cup recycling program, DivaRecycles.

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  • Sustainability

    As a reusable period care company, sustainability is inherent to Diva. Did you know that just one DivaCup can divert over 1000 tampons, pads, and liners from landfill?

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Lifting the lid on menstruation

Watch on Youtube

A Documentary Film

Introducing our third annual Diva️ Impact Report

Across Canada and the USA, we've partnered with individuals and organizations to work for menstrual equity. We are working together to create a world where all people who menstruate can live life without limits.