how to insert a menstrual disc
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How to Use a Menstrual Disc: A Cycle-by-Cycle Guide

Learning how to use a menstrual disc can take time. Here’s our guide to preparing yourself for your cycles ahead.
how to insert a menstrual disc

So, you bought a reusable menstrual disc. Learning to insert your disc can be an intimate experience and getting comfortable with your body can take time. If you’re researching how to use a period disc, here’s a great cycle-by-cycle approach to best prepare yourself for your cycles ahead.

Cycle One:

Plan to practice insertion on day 1 or 2 of your period. Your menstrual flow should be enough to lubricate for easier insertion. Take time to practice locating your cervix with your finger first. A reusable menstrual disc will sit in the vaginal fornix around the cervix. 
Feel the disc — notice how flexible and soft the 100% medical grade silicone is.

best menstrual cup for high cervix

The Diva Disc is made of soft and flexible 100% medical grade silicone.

Before using your Diva Disc for the first time, we recommend setting a timer for 5-7 minutes and sanitizing your disc in a pot of continuously boiling water. While it sanitizes, watch some tutorials to get a thorough understanding of how the disc fits within your anatomy.

Anatomical Positioning

The Diva Disc folds up to the size of a tampon, making it easy to insert and remove. Once it’s placed around the cervix, tuck the front rim of the disc behind your pubic bone. When positioned correctly, you won’t feel it at all, and it’s safe to wear for up to 12 hours.

Practice Insertion and Removal

Practice insertion and removal in the shower first so you don’t have to worry about spilling. Removal can take some time to master and being in the shower makes clean-up easy. 
Give yourself some uninterrupted privacy and time. Before inserting, wash your hands. Prop your foot up on the side of the bathtub. Separate the labia and gently slide the disc in. Insert the menstrual disc, pushing it as far back as it will comfortably go. This might feel daunting but remember that the vaginal canal is 4-6″ long and doesn’t connect to the rest of the body.

Cleansing and Storage

Cleanse your disc with a pH-balanced cleanser like DivaWash and leave it to air dry. You can also boil it between periods. Store your disc in a breathable cotton bag and in a cool, dry place away from fragrances.

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Store after use in a breathable organic cotton Diva pouch.

Cycle Two:

For your second cycle, practice insertion and removal on your lighter days. This can be a bit trickier, but practice with some gentle effort and patience.  
Establish a routine for whichever comes easier. Make this your go-to approach for insertion or removal! 

Cycle Three:

While practicing this cycle, try sitting on the toilet. Inserting and removing over the toilet can be a bit more challenging. 
Try wearing your disc for your whole period. Now that you have comfortable routines, you’ve practiced over the toilet, and are starting to get the hang of things, use these different strategies to get through your whole period.

Take Your Time

Regardless of how long it takes you to master the disc, know that you’re not alone in working towards an easier menstrual experience with new-to-you period products.  
If, at any point, you’re having trouble using your Diva Disc, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Support Team. They are always available for individualized guidance!