how to use a menstrual disc
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Ask Us Anything: The DIVA Disc Edition

If you've got questions about how to use a menstrual disc—we've got answers. Get the answers to all the Diva Disc FAQs!

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    Are you tired of the cost and waste of tampons or pads? Do you experience heavy flows and are looking for more protection? Or maybe you have a low cervix and are looking for the right fit. For all of the above — we’ve got you! 
    The DIVA Disc is now available across North America, and we know you have questions! So, we’ve enlisted our Consumer Experience Team’s expertise to answer them. 
    Reusable menstrual discs are a sustainable period care option with a long wear time and superior leakproof protection. Below we will demystify the DIVA Disc and provide you with all the details you need to make the switch. 

    How is the DIVA Disc different from other brands?

    The DIVA Disc was designed specifically to solve the problems of other menstrual discs. The most common issues we found were mid-wear leaking, keeping it securely in place, and stressful rotation during removal.  
    With our patent pending Leakproof Shield™, you won’t worry about mid-wear leaks. This silicone membrane partially covers the sloped basin and prevents leaking. During removal, the Leakproof Shield™ prevents spills, making the process mess-free. 
    Removal has never been so smooth — thanks to the unique oval-shaped design and anti-slip pull-tab. The pull-tab is easy-to-find and grip, and the oval shape means the disc stays securely in position instead of rotating during wear or removal.

    diva disc

    Introducing the all-new DIVA Disc. A reusable menstrual disc to solve the issues of other menstrual discs.

    Can I use a menstrual disc if I have a low cervix?

    The DIVA Disc is a great option if you have a low cervix! Because of its shallow basin and secure fit in the vaginal fornix, it should function better than a menstrual cup for people with low cervix heights. A menstrual cup is designed with a longer catch basin so that it can sit lengthwise, low in the vaginal canal. 
    Ensure that the disc is inserted horizontally to help with this placement.

    how to insert menstrual disc

    How to use a menstrual disc.

    Does the DIVA Disc come in multiple sizes?

    The DIVA Disc is one-size-fits-most because of its design and placement. A menstrual disc is designed to sit around the cervix to collect flow. The cervix has a narrow opening to let flow through and as such the 68 mm diameter of the DIVA Disc more than covers it! 
    The DIVA Cup, on the other hand, is designed to sit low in the vaginal canal. The vaginal canal can be narrow or wide, depending on the body and whether you’ve given birth. As such, the DIVA Cup comes in three different sizes to meet your individual needs and form a secure seal.

    Does the DIVA Disc “auto-dump”?

    Depending on your anatomy, the DIVA Disc may empty a bit during urination—it’s totally normal to see some blood in the toilet. This is a sign that your pelvic floor muscles are doing their job.  
    The squeeze of your pelvic floor muscles might cause some disc self-evacuation in the toilet or during exercise. To help prevent this, we’ve designed the Leakproof Shield™. The Leakproof Shield™ partially covers the catch basin to act as a spill guard during wear and removal. However, there may still be times when the strength of your pelvic floor muscles or the fullness of the disc cause a slight “auto-dump”. 
    In order to prevent this, we always recommend that you empty your reusable disc before exercise and before it becomes too full.

    Can I use my DIVA Disc with an IUD?

    You can use a DIVA Disc with an IUD; however, we always recommend talking to your healthcare provider before using any internal menstrual care product with an IUD.

    Can a menstrual disc be used for mess-free period sex?

    Yes, you can enjoy mess-free penetrative period sex with the DIVA Disc — though we recommend emptying it before getting started. The disc sits in the vaginal fornix just beyond the vaginal canal.  
    The DIVA Disc is not a contraceptive device though, and it cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

    Which is better for me, a menstrual disc, or a cup?

    It really comes down to personal preference. The DIVA Cup and DIVA Disc differ in positioning, seal, and shape. Read more about their similarities and differences to decide which you would like to try out first!

    Should I switch to the DIVA Disc if I already use the DIVA Cup?

    Both are great reusable menstrual products. You can use one or the other or buy both! It’s always good to have options.

    Why is it limited edition?

    The DIVA Disc is exclusively available online for a limited time through ShopDiva and Period.Shop. Sign up to learn more about its wider release!

    And as always – if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Experience Team for their support!

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