is DIVA Cup for you?
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Choosing the Period Product for You

Both the DivaCup and Diva Disc are sustainable, toxin-free, and offer comfortable period protection for up to 12 hours. Which one is for you?
is DIVA Cup for you?

Welcome to the world of reusable period products! When choosing sustainable period products, it comes down to preference and personal anatomy. In our recent menstrual disc comparison to cups, we determined that they differ primarily in positioning, shape, and seal. 

menstrual cup vs disc

Choosing the period product for you: DivaCup or Diva Disc?

Both the DivaCup and Diva Disc are made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is safe for up to 12 hours of wear. If you’re coming from pads and tampons, there is a learning curve. Nothing that you can’t handle without a little guidance though. 

While there are many sustainable, toxin-free, and comfortable options for reusable period care — how do you know which one is for you?

Once you understand the basics of menstrual cups vs discs, there are a couple other factors to consider.

Reusable Menstrual Cups

A reusable menstrual cup sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting period blood. It’s soft and flexible, and folds down to the size of a tampon making it easy to insert and remove. Once inside, it is rotated and unfolded, held in place by the vaginal walls.  
The DivaCup is great for first-time users who feel nervous about the insertion process. The entire height of the vaginal canal is no more than 4-6″ and once inserted, there is nowhere for it to go. The vaginal canal is not connected to the rest of the body. Inserting a DivaCup just requires determining which fold you prefer then relaxing and sliding it in.  

how to insert a menstrual cup

The DivaCup c-fold.

You might be inclined to try a cup because it’s more common than a disc and you know people who love them. However, if you have a narrower vaginal canal, the cup might not be the best fit for you. Narrow vaginal canals can prevent the cup from staying unfolded and creating a seal.

Reusable Menstrual Disc Comparison

Reusables discs are a great option for menstruators with low cervix heights. The catch basin is shallower than a DivaCup, while still holding a significant amount of menstrual flow. In fact, if you have a heavy period, the disc holds 2 mL more than the largest DivaCup. The Diva Disc has a capacity of 36 mL.

menstrual cup insertion

Folding a Diva Disc.

If the suction seal of a cup makes you nervous, the Diva Disc is instead inserted into the vaginal fornix, a bit higher up, and is propped up behind pubic bone to sit around the cervix. This also allows for secure protection for people with weaker pelvic floor muscles. People with weaker pelvic floor muscles might have a hard time keeping a DivaCup securely in place. 
An additional benefit of the disc is that it can be worn for penetrative intercourse. This means you can now enjoy mess-free period sex!

Feeling flexible?

We always recommend trying out your DivaCup or Diva Disc for a couple cycles to get the hang of it. You might even find that sometimes you use a cup, and other times you use a disc. Both the DivaCup and Diva Disc are innovative period products and excellent options for reusable period care!