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Our Story

Twenty years of the Original DIVA™ Cup.

80 million periods made better, worldwide

DIVA™ was founded by Carinne Chambers-Saini and her mom, Francine Chambers, back in 2002. They tirelessly fought what was then called the "feminine hygiene" industry to create more space for sustainable period products. The DIVA™ Cup is now synonymous with the menstrual care category, driving change and bringing sustainability to the forefront of new period innovations. 

As makers of the Original DIVA™ Cup and the most trusted name in the period care category, we innovate with the same integrity we started with over 20 years ago. We strive for a society within which people have the resources to understand their bodies and their cycles, and where trusted product choices are accessible and fairly priced.  

Our conscious approach instils confidence to guide you through the uncertainties of every stage of your menstrual journey—because conscious cycle care is for every body.  

  • Our promise 

    Elevating your confidence with consciously created products made with your body and our planet in mind.

  • Our vision 

    We strive for a society in which you can confidently navigate your cycles with improved access to trusted choices and information.

  • Our values

    We value quality, integrity, and authenticity, and maintain your trust and support by consciously upholding these values in everything we do.

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Behind the name

Our name reflects our commitment to the highest of standards. We expect more, because it’s what our customers deserve.

DIVA™ means fearlessness and confidence to bring the world better period care options.

The DIVA™ Story 
The DIVA™ Story 

My mom, Francine, spent her whole life searching for a better, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly alternative to pads and tampons. She found it in the modern menstrual cup. She knew she had a winning product and together, we launched DIVA™ Cup.  

We started our small business in the basement of our house in Kitchener, Ontario, scaling to a global company in just twenty years.

DIVA™ became a household name by instilling confidence—confidence gained through consciously created products made specifically for our bodies and our planet. We continue to push for a society in which people can confidently navigate all their cycle experiences. And live the life they deserve—a life unrestrained by inequity and stigma. 

Today, we remain unwavering in our commitment to bringing confidence elevating, sustainable products to market. With the same dedication my mother had 20 years ago, the DIVA™ team continues to develop new innovations that can save our planet and change our lives.  

Carinne Chambers-Saini
Diva International Inc.
Founder and CEO

  • Certified B Corp

    We are proud to be a company that makes a difference for our community.

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  • Recycle your DIVA™ Products

    We offer North America’s first free menstrual cup recycling program through our partnership with TerraCycle.

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  • Sustainability

    By working with environmental partners that align with our own mission and vision, we can have an even bigger impact on improving our eco-system.

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