b corp month
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Why We Celebrate B Corp Month

March is B Corp Month. The B Corporation Movement encourages people before profit and business for good, in an effort to transform our economy for the betterment of all.
b corp month

“Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are for-profit companies at the heart of a global movement of people using the power of business to create a shared, durable prosperity for all.”  – The Complete Guide to B Corp Certification

March is B Corp Month

March is an important month for celebrating what it means to be a Certified Benefit Corporation. Bringing awareness to how these corporations put people and the planet before profit is an important part of transforming the global economy to benefit us all. 
In a time when the world is continually facing crisis and the social justice gaps continue to widen, many organizations maintain the same business models or make only surface level adjustments. Inaction, failure to change, or performative good, only make our problems worse. Being Certified B Corp ensures that changes are made in meaningful and impactful ways. 
This year, and always, Diva is committed to going beyond. This year’s B Corp Month theme, #WeGoBeyond, encapsulates what we do—propel our industry forward in terms of sustainability, social justice, and creating business for good.
At Diva, we strive to be leaders in our industry, our community, and part of the leadership created by joining the B Corp movement. We can strengthen our efforts and the efforts of other B Corps by creating awareness of our shared commitment to doing business for good.

What is B Corp?

Becoming a Certified B Corporation means that your business meets high standards of social and environmental performance. Meeting B Corp certification means that you’ve remained transparent in these efforts and upheld legal accountability in profit and purpose. Committing to B Corp Certification means that as a business you believe in and are working towards a better economic future.

b corp month

Learn more about the certification process here.

There are over 6,300 Certified B Corps, spanning 150 different industries around the world with close to 400,000 people employed.

How Do You Certify?

Receiving certification as B Corp takes many years to complete and many companies that apply do not receive it. Certifying as a B Corp is a three-step process; completing a B Impact assessment, meeting legal requirements, and remaining transparent about it.

Impact Assessment

Business performance is reviewed based on the business and industry. Companies are assessed based on their activities in 5 key issue areas, which remain the same regardless of industry; workers, customers, environment, community, and governance.

diva b corp assessment
Looking at the assessment across the business.

Legal Requirements

The business’s governing documents are reviewed, including those of shareholders and any stakeholders involved in company decisions.

Be Transparent

A public profile must exist, and the business score must be easy to find. This score must also appear in the B Corp business directory.

Diva as B Corp

Achieving B Corp was a given for Diva and we’re always looking at how to improve our score. What started as a desire to improve cycle experiences for menstruators and reduce environmental waste, has remained at the forefront of all we do. Diva is 1 of only 300 Canadian B Corps. 
Here’s how we maintain our B Corp Certification.

Assessing Our Business Model

Workers: Diva employees are treated with care and respect. Learning opportunities are provided to encourage continual growth and advancement. Opportunities to build community geared towards collective positive impact, social justice, and positive employee relations are encouraged. Health benefits are a given, including mental health support. Paid Menstrual Leave was implemented in 2021 to ensure that menstruating employees have the opportunity to take proper care and receive adequate rest on a monthly basis. 
Customers: Our products are created with the consumer in mind. We have made periods easier since our inception, with comfortable, cost-effective, and trustworthy period innovations. In the past year, we reduced our price by nearly $5 to match the cost-saving needs of our consumers. 
Environment: As a reusable period product company, sustainability is inherent. We use only 100% curbside recyclable packaging and earth friendly materials. In our design and manufacturing processes, we ensure that our materials are well sourced, environmentally friendly, and our manufacturing processes echo this also. Being Bullfrog Powered means contributing green energy back to the grid to match the amount we’ve used.
Community: To do good, we partner with organizations across North America focused on menstrual and gender equity through the DIVA Impact Program. We provide donations and resources to these organizations to help spread better education and periods. Our effort to do good is passed on to the organizations working in the field to better support their efforts.
Governance: Those in leadership positions uphold the Diva mission, vision and purpose so that our business can maintain its efforts through and through. Being a leader in our industry requires strong leadership within.

We’re proud to be a part of the B Corp community. At Diva, it ensures that we continue to be leaders in purpose-driven and socially responsible business.

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