menstrual disc leaking
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Why is My Menstrual Disc Leaking?

The Diva Disc is designed to solve leaks and messy removal. Here’s our step-by-step guide to troubleshooting a leaking menstrual disc.
menstrual disc leaking

The DIVA Disc was designed to solve mid-wear leaks and messy removal. When inserted correctly, the patent pending Leakproof Shield™ technology minimizes mid-wear leaks and prevents spills during removal. However, like other menstrual cups and reusable discs, there is a natural learning curve. 
With a menstrual cup, leaking can occur if placed incorrectly, if a seal hasn’t been formed, or if the cup overflows. The menstrual disc does not require a seal. It relies instead on a higher placement in the vaginal fornix around the cervix.  
For the DIVA Disc, incorrect placement, heavy flow, as well as pelvic floor muscular contracting and relaxing while using the bathroom, can lead to some mid-wear leaks. But rest assured, we’ve got answers for you! 
Here’s our step-by-step guide to troubleshooting any leaking while wearing your menstrual disc.

how to use menstrual disc
Introducing DIVA’s reusable menstrual disc with Leakproof Shield™.

What’s a Leakproof Shield™?

The DIVA Disc has a unique oval shape with a Leakproof Shield™. It’s designed to solve the problems encountered with other discs and ensure a mess-free, stress-free insertion and removal process. 
The Leakproof Shield™ is a spill guard on the front rim of the disc that partially covers the sloped catch basin. When the disc is removed, the sloped designed allows the fluid to shift forward, where it is blocked by the Leakproof Shield™ preventing spills.  
The unique oval shape also helps protect against mess during removal. Other circular discs can rotate while wearing, making the pull-tab difficult to find and grasp. This leads to frustration and spills. 
Once the DIVA Disc is inserted, pull-tab facing out and back rim pointed towards the tailbone, the oval shape will prevent rotation and keep the pull-tab within reach.


Insertion and removal take some practice. When the DIVA Disc is properly inserted, it should be comfortably tucked back as far as possible around the cervix. At the front, it is then tucked up against the pubic bone to keep it firmly in place. When correctly positioned, you shouldn’t be able to feel it.

1. If you’ve inserted the disc incorrectly, it may not be covering the cervix fully. This allows room for flow to leak past the disc. 

2. If you discover that you have a tilted cervix – which is not uncommon – the disc should be slightly tilted to reflect the position of your cervix. For individualized guidance, reach out to our Consumer Experience Team at any time!
3. Another reason could be heavy flow. The disc is safe to be worn for up to 12 hours. If you experience a heavy flow though, it may need to be emptied multiple times in a 12-hour window.

“Auto Dumping” and Menstrual Discs

Maybe you’ve heard about or even experienced “auto dumping” with other discs. Because pelvic floor muscles line the vaginal canal, when we evacuate our bladder — they relax, and when we evacuate our bowels — they contract. This muscular movement can lead to some minor leaking. While the DIVA Disc is designed to avoid mid-wear leaks, we cannot entirely prevent the potential for some forced evacuation due to these muscles — which are also what help keep menstrual devices in place. The best way to avoid leaks is to get familiar with your flow, empty your disc before it becomes too full, and follow visual tutorials to ensure correct placement.   
If you’re still having trouble with any part of using your DIVA Disc, contact our Consumer Experience Team for further guidance!