how to balance your hormones in a week this fall
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Top Tips for Your Fall Periods

Have you ever wondered how to balance your hormones in a week? Well, the leaves are turning, and pumpkin spice is in the air! And if you want to learn what are the trends for fall 2023 menstrual health, here are our top tips for achieving hormone balance this season.

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    how to balance your hormones in a week this fall
    Just like the menstrual cycle has different seasons, or phases, the ways that you manage or cope with your period might change seasonally—the weather is different, priorities change, exercise routines ramp up or tone down. So, what are the trends for fall 2023 menstrual health?
    While we can’t promise that you’ll learn how to balance your hormones in a week, here are our top tips for how to develop a healthier and more manageable period this fall.  

    1. Get a good night’s sleep.  

    Starting out simply, as the days grow shorter, take advantage of this time to gradually get a bit more sleep.  
    There are direct links between sleep and reproductive hormone production, shown often through PMS-related insomnia, menopausal sleep disturbances, and postpartum sleep disruptions. Some sleep disturbances might be a sign of low estrogen!  
    Support your hormones and healthy menstruation this fall by getting more sleep!

    2. Take up meditation or attend therapy.

    Our mental health is pivotal to our physical and reproductive health. If you’re under chronic stress, you’re constantly igniting your “fight or flight” modes, raising your blood pressure, and increasing your blood sugar.
    Stress can also affect:

    • Vaginal pH balance, leading to irritation and infection
    • Immune response, resulting in vaginal diseases like bacterial vaginosis
    • Fertility, causing interferences with our abilities to ovulate
    • Monthly periods, disruptions to the delicate balance of sex hormones can lead to hormonal imbalance and irregular periods

    Practise calming down your nervous system with meditative walks, daily meditations, or regular visits with a therapist. Reducing stress is key for improving hormonal functioning.

    3. Practise hot and cold therapies, like using a sauna.

    Spending time in a sauna gives our bodies a temporary boost of cortisol, but an even greater increase in endorphins! The subsequent cooling down afterwards helps relax the body.  
    On top of this, the benefits extend into our circulatory, cardiovascular and immune systems. And a healthy, well-functioning body, is one that can produce and regulate hormones properly, reducing the occurrence of menstrual irregularities and adverse symptoms. 

    4. Get adequate protein.

    Protein, along with healthy fats, are nutrients that help build and maintain both muscles and hormones. If you want to balance your hormones and produce adequate amounts of both estrogen and progesterone, to experience a healthy period with minimal symptoms, we need to be taking in enough protein.
    According to an article put out by Harvard Health in June 2023, daily protein intake in grams should be the sum of your weight in kilograms multiplied by 0.8.  Or your weight in pounds multiplied by 0.36 grams. You can also use this online protein calculator.
    Hormones are vital chemical messengers, make sure you’re building and producing them properly!

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    5. Develop a new period toolkit.

    Although it won’t directly affect hormone levels, being properly prepared for each period can help reduce stress, boost self-confidence, and save on energy. Whether you’re back to school shopping or not, every menstruator could use to stock up on all the period essentials
    As the weather gets cooler, maybe you’ll be more apt to use a heat pad for menstrual cramps than you were in the summer. Or maybe you’re tired of ruining your regular underwear and it’s time to try period underwear.  
    Fall fashion reports are in—period underwear is on trend! Putting on your favorite new pair of pants this fall will be easier and done with more confidence, if you know you’ve paired your DIVA Disc with a pair of seamless, leakproof period underwear.

    6. There’s a supplement for everything, but you don’t need to take them all!

    Reproductive health can be best obtained through a targeted approach and supplements can be an impactful part of this. But whether you’re looking to naturally balance your hormones or help your symptoms, it’s always best to investigate your needs with professional guidance. Many supplements come with contraindications and powerful effects on our hormones.
    Some safer hormone supportive additions can be lowering your sugar intake, eating foods that support your gut microbiome, or focusing on nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B6. Magnesium can be found in foods like whole grains, dark leafy greens, beans and legumes, and, of course, dark chocolate. Get plenty of anti-stress vitamin B6 from eating chickpeas, avocado, bananas and salmon.
    Have your best period yet with the above tips for adapting your period care to the fall season! And, of course, switching to a DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc for up to 12 hours of continuous leakproof protection and the comfort and ease to move confidently through any period, or season.


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