Introducing: Recipients of Diva’s inaugural BIPOC Creator Fund
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Introducing: Recipients of Diva’s inaugural BIPOC Creator Fund

The first recipients of DIVA's BIPOC Creator Fund are Anna Balagtas, Clara/Clae Lu, Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, Jodianne Beckford, M.E.C., YASSA, Tasha the Amazon, Judith Kasiama and Zy Bryant. Learn about these innovative creators whose work contributes to the discourse around wellness and menstrual equity.
Written by Marissa Neave
Introducing: Recipients of Diva’s inaugural BIPOC Creator Fund

Last month, we opened applications to Diva’s first BIPOC Creator Fund, a $25,000 fund designed to amplify the expertise and creativity of Black, Indigenous, and Creators of Colour whose work focuses on wellness and menstrual equity.

For this inaugural program, Diva is honoured to announce our selected winners for the 2022 Creator Fund program. Over the coming months we will be sharing their personal, moving, meditative, caring, educational, transformative work with the Diva community. Take the time to discover and follow this incredible cohort of innovative creators.

Anna Balagtas (she/her)

Anna Balagtas

Anna Balagtas (she/her) is a Queer + Pinay radical birthworker and educator, and the founder of Pocket Doula. She supports emerging birthworkers in radicalizing their practice through mentorships and community organizing.


Clae Lu (they/them)

Clae Lu

Clae Lu is a queer, second generation Han Chinese American from Queens, NY (Lenapehoking). They are an artist, cultural organizer, and 古筝 performer.


Dr. Stephanie Mitchell (she/her)

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell is a 2-time board certified Midwife and the founder of Birth Sanctuary Gainesville, Alabama’s first free-standing, midwifery-led birth center. She is passionate about collaborative care, and addressing the disparities in outcomes for Black birthing bodies in the US.


Jodianne Beckford (she/her)

Jodianne Beckford

Jodianne Beckford is the founder of noire girls plant, a platform that intends to build community through educating people on the importance of nurturing plants for personal healing.


M.E.C. (she/her)


M.E.C. is a medical student and mental health, style, and lifestyle content creator focused on making the online wellness space more inclusive and colorful.


YASSA (she/they)


YASSA is a queer artist and creator. They fled to the US as political refugee in their youth; coming from a Syrian-Armenian family has helped them learn and question every cultural experience they have had. This intersectional experience helped them find that their purpose is to help others find a voice and express themselves for healing.


Tasha the Amazon (she/her)

Tasha the Amazon

Tasha the Amazon is an award-winning recording artist, a teacher of meditation in the Tibetan tradition, and co-host of the Consciousness Explorer’s Podcast.


Judith Kasiama (she/her)

Judith Kasiama

Judith Kasiama is a Vancouver-based athlete, activist, community builder and founder of @colourthetrails—a group advocating for diverse and inclusive representation in the outdoors industry.


Zy Bryant (she/her)

Zy Bryant

Zyahna Bryant is an Echols scholar and undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying political and social thought. She is an award-winner activist, organizer, changemaker, content creator, and social impact strategist focused on civic engagement and social justice issues.



In addition to partnering with these remarkable creators, we have developed a public list of BIPOC wellness creators. If you are a creator who would like to be included in this list, add your details here. If you are a brand looking to partner with creators for paid opportunities, access the list here.

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