how to clean your menstrual cup
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Ingredients to Avoid When Cleaning a Menstrual Cup or Disc

Tips on how to properly cleanse your Diva Cup or Diva Disc for safety and longevity. With proper care, you can ensure it remains in great shape for several years.

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    how to clean your menstrual cup

    One of the best things about using a reusable menstrual product like the Diva Cup or Disc is that you don’t need to replenish it on a monthly basis like other period care products. To ensure your menstrual cup or disc lasts as long as possible, it’s important to clean it with silicone-friendly formulations and properly store it between cycles. Proper care of your Diva Cup or Diva Disc ensures that it maintains its integrity and will last you several years.

    We formulated DivaWash to cleanse and protect the 100% medical grade silicone of your Cup or Disc, as well as avoid altering the delicate pH balance of your vagina. 

    Read more for tips on how to properly cleanse your Diva Cup/Diva Disc and ensure it has the longest life possible! 

    The Vagina: A Self-Cleaning Marvel

    The vagina has self-cleansing mechanisms and does not require additional cleansing. Avoid using any cleanser inside the vagina. On the outside of the vagina — the vulva — you can use water, a washcloth, or a natural cleanser. Avoid soap, as it can dry out the skin here and lead to irritation.

    How to Clean a Menstrual Cup or Disc

    Before your first use, sterilize your cup or disc in boiling water by setting a timer for 5-7 mins. Make sure it’s a deep pot of water to avoid boiling down and melting the cup, or insert it into a metal whisk before submerging in water. This keeps it from touching the bottom of the pot.

    When it comes to cleaning your cup or disc throughout your period, always wash your hands before removal and use a pH-balanced cleanser.  We created DivaWash to protect the silicone of your Diva products and the pH of your vagina. There are many ingredients to avoid when cleaning reusable period products.

    Cup/Disc Cleaning No-No’s

    Do not use any of the following on your cup…

    • vinegar 
    • scented/fragranced soap 
    • oil-based soap
    • glycerin
    • essential oils 
    • rubbing alcohol 
    • hand sanitizer 
    • anti-bacterial soap 
    • baking soda 
    • hydrogen peroxide 
    • bleach 
    • dishwashing soap 
    • lubes

    *Just because it’s a DivaCup (or Disc), doesn’t mean it is a cup. Please don’t put yours in the dishwasher.

    If you used any of these ingredients, it’s time to replace it. The same goes for dropping it in the toilet! Unfortunately, it’s very hard to guarantee all bacteria have been removed and therefore, not worth the risk.

    100% Medical Grade Silicone

    The 100% medical grade silicone used to make Diva products does not require harsh chemicals for sterilization. Because it is used internally, instead it requires gentle and specific cleansing. Follow the directions above when choosing a cleanser. As an internal device, regular rinsing and cleansing will help ensure it doesn’t interfere with the body’s natural balance and resistance to bacteria.   
    Silicone is nonporous and resistant to bacteria, but to remain as such, we must care for it properly and store it in such a way that it can breathe! It is important to store your cup in between uses in a breathable cloth bag (like the Diva pouch it came with). Storing your cup in an airtight container (like your ShakerCup) will put the cup at risk of bacterial build up.  
    Staining may occur. Removing stains is not necessary. The cup may not be pristine forever, but it is still safe to use. Do not bleach your cup or soak it in hydrogen peroxide! 

    Safe Ingredients

    DivaWash comes in a convenient, mess-free tube. It’s naturally, lightly scented with oh-so-fresh citrus and is 100% plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. Because your vagina is sensitive, a specially formulated cleanser is always the safest way to go.