How to clean your menstrual cup without running water
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How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup Without Running Water

No running water? No problem! How to clean your menstrual cup without running water, wherever life takes you.

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    How to clean your menstrual cup without running water

    Not always having access to clean running water to clean your DivaCup is a reality for many of us. If you don’t know how to clean your menstrual cup without running water, that’s okay. Whether it’s living in a remote area, traveling, or going camping, the ShakerCup is a great way to clean your DivaCup when you have limited options. Cleaning your menstrual cup is an essential part of hygiene and your overall health.

    The way we see it, if there’s no running water, it’s no problem! There are multiple ways you can safely clean your menstrual cup wherever life takes you, or wherever you are.

    Cleaning the DivaCup is a common topic we get asked. We want to share a few ways to clean your menstrual cup without running water.

    But first things first; let’s go over a few quick musts when cleaning your menstrual cup:

    1. Always, always, always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your DivaCup, whether you’re inserting or removing. You don’t want to use dirty hands on a product that goes in your vagina. If you don’t have a sink to wash your hands in, be sure to clean them the best you can with bottled water or hand sanitizer.
    1. Never use home cleaning products like vinegar, castile soap, baking soda or hand soap to clean your DivaCup.
    1. Never use harsher cleaning agents like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or bleach, either. These can compromise the silicone and should be kept far (FAR) away from the sensitive area of the vagina.
    1. Your DivaCup should be cleaned at least two times per day (every 10-12 hours) with a mild, oil-free and fragrance-free soap, like the DivaWash.
    1. Always boil water if you are in a rural area, under a boil water advisory, or the water quality is uncertain if you have access to water.  

    For more information, check out our blog post on Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup, or review the User Guide.  

    Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into why you’re really here – how to clean your menstrual cup when there’s no running water. 

    Three Ways to Clean Your Menstrual Cup Without Running Water 

    Shake Your Menstrual Cup Clean with the ShakerCup 

    The ShakerCup is like a portable dishwasher for your DivaCup, but way cuter. All you have to do is add water, a bit of DivaWash (if you have it on hand, but if not just water on its own works), then shake clean! Honestly, cleaning your DivaCup has never been so much fun.

    The ShakerCup was designed specifically for those times you can’t make it to a sink or are uncomfortable cleaning your menstrual cup in a public washroom. It’s completely collapsible, too, so you can easily bring it anywhere.  

    Wipe Your Menstrual Cup with a Tissue 

    If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any potable water (I.e. water that is safe to drink), don’t worry! You can use a tissue on its own. 

    Simply remove your DivaCup, empty the contents into the toilet – or, you know, wherever you are – and simply use a tissue to clean the inside of the cup. If you can, a damp tissue often works better. You can wet the tissue with bottled water.  

    At the next convenient time, clean your menstrual cup thoroughly with DivaWash, or another suitable menstrual cup soap. 

    Rinse Off Your Menstrual Cup with Bottled Water 

    The DivaCup needs to be cleaned with clean and safe water. If you wouldn’t drink it, don’t use it to clean your menstrual cup.  

    If you’re out camping, at a music festival or spending the day outdoors, make sure you pack a reusable water bottle with you. This water isn’t just for drinking, although that’s important too. If you need to empty out your menstrual cup, you can use the water from your water bottle to rinse off the DivaCup. If you have DivaWash with you, even better, but if not that’s okay. Again, just remember to clean your menstrual cup with a mild, oil-free and fragrance-free soap as soon as you have access to running water. 

    Have more questions about cleaning your menstrual cup? 

    Check out our FAQs for more information on how to care for and clean your DivaCup, or contact our Consumer Experience Team