budget tips for menstruators
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3 Budget Tips for Menstruators

Period products can come with quite the price tag! But what are some easy financial tips for young menstruators (or any menstruator assessing their personal finances)? When you break down your monthly expenses, where can you save money and create a budget to meet your financial goals?
budget tips for menstruators
When you’re looking to cut down on your spending, it can be helpful to assess just how much you’re spending and determine where and how these costs could be lower.  
Here are our top 3 tips for creating a budget and meeting your financial goals.
1. Tracking your menstrual cycle can help anticipate when your period is coming and ensure that you have supplies on hand, reducing the need for last-minute, potentially more expensive purchases.
2. Investing in reusables like DIVA Period Underwear will save you the use of up to 9 disposable tampons and they can be washed and re-worn. This is one expense, for up to several years of use, with proper care and cleansing.
When you purchase reusables, properly caring for them can extend their lifespan. Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for reusables like menstrual cups and period underwear.
Wait to buy your reusable period products when they’re on sale. Buying a 4-pack of DIVA Reusable Period Underwear could cover you for most or all days of your period and saves you more than $10, plus what you would've spent on disposables and what you’re saving by switching to reusable.  
Share bundles with friends. If you have friends with similar needs, consider buying products in larger quantities to save money.
3. Join in on community initiatives for more affordable options for all. Join or support community initiatives that advocate for affordable access to period products. Or, if you’re ever in desperate need, there are community resources for free products available in most areas.  

How Much Do Women Spend on Period Products?

For menstruators, it shouldn’t be a matter of scrimping on vital women’s health products, but sometimes it comes down to being smarter about how you’re choosing those necessities and finding more cost-effective approaches.
Pads and tampons add up—and disposables are less environmentally friendly. We designed DIVA Period Underwear so that if an insertable isn’t suitable for you or if you need additional coverage, you can get it—the DIVA way.
DIVA Period Underwear comes in a 4-way stretch, inclusive sizing and a seamless bikini cut design. It has a 10” gusset and can absorb up to 9 regular tampons worth of flow. The top layer of the gusset is made with moisture-wicking DryTec™ technology, and the internal absorbent layers contain a zinc infusion to battle odor-causing bacteria and keep you feeling fresh all day long.

how much do women spend on period products?
With DIVA products, you know that you’re covered for up to several years at a time. One menstrual cup or menstrual disc will last that long. And when you pair them with DIVA Period Underwear, you’ve got extra protection, so that you can get through your work or school day, without additional worries.  

If you’re really struggling to make ends meet, speak to a financial advisor. Bring them a breakdown of your short- and long-term budgets, your fixed expenses, and your financial goals. Protect your wealth by practising budgeting and investing in reusable period products!


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