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Journalist. Life Coach. DivaCup User. 

I am a journalist and performer with over 25 years of experience in the mainstream media. I founded to help coaches and infopreneurs grow their businesses without sacrificing their freedom, family time, or integrity. I’m passionate about living with purpose—and I love helping to connect people to their deepest truth.

Free to question

There is a learning curve with the DivaCup, at least, I thought there was. I think I had all the fears, but the idea that you can’t feel it and you only change it twice a day. That was pretty strong motivation for me. So I just kept learning. Give yourself two full menstrual cycles top to bottom. 

Green menstrual care

I was determined to do a story on green menstrual care. I was not into disposables in the first place, so I was looking for something that would work and I tried the DivaCup. I’ll tell you what sold me.

The fact that you can keep the DivaCup in and basically change it twice a day. For somebody who traveled and ran and lifted weights, that was a godsend. 

"Using reusable things like the Diva Cup, we feel better for our future by doing little steps like that.

Free to go for it

For me, freedom is, I just get to go for it. I’m free to persevere. I see a lot of the language out there is very masculine. Sometimes when it comes to chasing your dreams or going for your goals, you have to crush it you have to attach it, you have to dominate it. And I don’t think that’s necessary. I think that you can embrace it. You can breathe through it 

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