Meet Evelyne

Student. Model. DivaCup Initiate. 

I’m a new user of the DivaCup, and I will never go back!

When I use the DivaCup, it’s so comfortable that I sometimes completely forget I’m on my period. My period no longer stops me from doing the activities that I love such as spending time outside. Among nature is when I’m most relaxed and centered because I feel free and there are fewer distractions. When the weather isn’t favorable, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. And yes, I'm the girl who’s always proposing game nights. Who doesn’t love game night? 

Diva Evelyne I feel most powerful

My biggest achievement for the moment is this shoot right now. This interview with DivaCup. And just proud of being right here, spreading the word supporting other women in this cause. 

DivaCup Curious

Can it really fit everyone? I’m scared that it won’t fit perfectly and leak out. That’s one of my big questions. Putting it on, it looks scary, but it’s inside, it’s discreet. 

Depending on your flow, you only need to change it once a day. 


"Using reusable things like the Diva Cup, we feel better for our future by doing little steps like that.

Free from waste

Yes, I have heard of the DivaCup. One of my friends uses it all the time. She really likes it. She felt that she was being really wasteful with tampons and pads and using the DivaCup, she felt a lot better. Using reusable things like the DivaCup, we feel better for our future by taking little steps like that. 

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