Meet Sharifa

Mother. Influencer. DivaCup User. 

I’m a digital content creator, mom of three, and wife. I was born in Amsterdam but I’m currently based in Montreal.

I’m passionate about all things style, beauty, and wellness” 


Learning about Diva

I first heard about DivaCup through my husband’s oldest daughter, who is a midwife.

I had just given birth to my daughter and tampons weren’t working for me. DivaCup gave me my freedom back and I’m also more aware of how my body is working. 

Free to achieve

Freedom means for me that you can do whatever you want. That you’re not limited by circumstances. Just free to achieve anything, no matter where you live, no matter if you are a girl. I’m very grateful that I grew up in Amsterdam. I know in many other parts of the world it’s not possible for girls or people that look like me. 

So equality that everyone has the same chances, whether you’re a woman, man, gay, person of color—equality, that’s something that matters for me a lot. 


Free from shame

In my culture, in the Creole culture, when you’re having your period, sometimes you’re like an outcast. You’re not even allowed to touch food. You’re not even allowed to cook. There are guys that wouldn’t sleep next to their women if they’re having their period. 

You’re not a dirty person when you’re bleeding. It’s not something to be ashamed of. 

"in that way, it really changed my life. It gave me my freedom back and I’m also more aware of how my body is working."

Free to say no

when you're older and in my case, I have children, I need to protect them.

So I'm saying no to set my boundaries, to be healthy, to protect my mental health.

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