Meet Léa

Environment Advocate. Model. DivaCup User. 

“I'm a French literature master student and a part-time model. I love watching and reading things that showcase diversity. My passion is writing science-fiction to find new ways to embrace myself and others. I have been an avid user of the DivaCup since 2016, after looking for a sustainable and hassle-free way to manage my period and I have never looked back since!"


Taking care of the planet

The earth is really just so beautiful and we’re really not doing a good job at preserving it. 

It’s so intertwined with the freedom to be who you are. I feel like the environment has a lot to do with that because obviously, if our earth is not doing well, people aren’t free to be comfortable and to be happy. 

Cleaning my DivaCup

Once my roommate came in my room and she's like: “Oh,you're cooking something. What are you cooking? It smells good?”

I was like:
“No, just boiling my DivaCup.”


Taking care of yourself

For women, the freedom to say no is really important. 

We’ve been taught from such a young age that we need to be available for everyone, that we need to be nurturing towards everyone, that we need to help everyone. 



"Before my period was really stressful, I always had to like, make sure that I had enough tampons on me when I was leaving the house, enough pads. I was scared that it would leak.

Free to Flow

I get into the flow of my life when I’m able to just get outside, move around, meet people, really connect with someone on an emotional level and feel like I can have an impact on their life. 

That’s probably when I feel most powerful—when I’ve helped someone. 

Free from worry

Switching to the DivaCup where I could put it in at home when I was comfortable and then go out for the whole day, not worry about it.

Was really freeing.

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