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5 Free Recycling Programs To Try This Spring

Try something new this spring with the top recycling programs for all your favorite products, including DivaCup. See how to participate now!

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    With the emergence of Spring comes a change of pace and a chance to modify our habits. What better way to thank mother nature for the splendor of Spring than trying a new eco-friendly program? 
    In the last several years, loads of innovative recycling companies have popped up all over North America. Notably, TerraCycle (a superb recycling company and good friend of Diva’s) has launched multiple brand focused partnerships with effective take back programs. Check out their full roaster of free recycling programs and start a new recycling habit!   
    TerraCycle is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many unique ways to help the environment while scoring some goodies for yourself too. Here are 5 eco-friendly & free recycling programs to try this spring:  

    Patagonia  & Worn Wear

    After offering repairs on all their products for years, Patagonia formally launched Worn Wear in 2017. The program is dedicated to the maintenance and recycling of Patagonia’s garments, no matter how old the garment may be. Saving old clothes pays off because with every product donated, you will receive credit towards your next purchase.  

    Madewell &  Cotton Blue Jeans Go Green

    Looking to cut down on clothing waste, Madewell launched a partnership with Cotton Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle any brand jean, no matter how worn. These jeans are processed to create housing insulation that will then go towards building housing for communities in need. Above all, for every pair brought in, you’ll received a $20 credit to spend towards your next purchase.  

    MAC  Cosmetics  &  BACK 2 M·A·C 

    In an effort to keep plastics from their packaging out of landfills, MAC Cosmetics launched the BACK 2 M·A·C takeback program. At participating locations, you can bring in any six empty MAC makeup containers and then receive a free lipstick. Loyalty members will receive more of a selection, including different eyeshadow pots and lip gloss. Recycled materials are processed and then used to make new compacts for MAC.  

    Lush  & Recycled Black Pots  

    Embodying their longstanding philosophy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Lush accepts empty black pots at their store locations. If you bring in five, they’ll gift you a free fresh face mask. By repurposing the plastic from their black pots, Lush will then be able to create future packaging for their creams and soaps. Aside from their product containers, Lush also uses biodegradable plastic & re-nature packing peanuts in their packaging.   


    Diva is proud to announce the launch of North America’s FIRST EVER menstrual cup recycling program, DivaRecycles. Partnering with TerraCycle, DivaCup users will now be able to recycle their used menstrual cups and DivaWipes packaging. This Spring, every item sent in through DivaRecycles will then be ground into a fine powder used to make flooring tiles and athletic tracks. 

    Users will be able to create an account through TerraCycle’s website select the DivaRecycles program as well as have access to a pre-paid shipping label. After that, every shipment sent in earns points that can be put towards charitable gifts or converted into cash and donated to the non-profit, school, or charitable organization of your choice.
    With these fantastic programs, it’s time to clean out some drawers and do something good for you and the environment!